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5 Quick Questions: Rod Moran


Only two 5 Quick Questions features remaining! This month, we highlight our resident soybean expert, Rod Moran. As the Dairyland Seed Soybean Leader and a Central Region Agronomist, Rod works closely with our research staff to thoroughly understand each Dairyland Seed product. Rod served in the U.S. Army as a combat engineer in the mid-80s before entering a 35-year career in the agronomy and seed industry. He has spent the last 19 years with Dairyland Seed sharing his knowledge and experience to provide growers with the best recommendations to match products to their unique growing environments.

How long have you been a professional agronomist?

I believe productive modern-day agronomy captures all our youthful experiences in that moment and in that environment. When we combine all those events with a desire for continual self- and peer-education opportunities, we can maybe achieve “professional” status. To be more direct, I have been a Certified Crop Advisor since 2001 (22 years) and a Certified Professional Agronomist for more than 12 years.   

What are your main responsibilities at Dairyland Seed?

My primary responsibility lies within Dairyland Seed’s celebrated DSR soybean portfolio. I am also blessed to help provide agronomic assistance and insights across all crops in our geography. Providing oversight of Dairyland Seed’s entire soybean lineup allows me to pool information and resources from Corteva’s soybean breeding, seed applied technologies, production and agronomy staff, as well as from Dairyland Seed’s incredible agronomy and sales teams. Together, these resources continue to drive improvements in our storied DSR soybean lineup to deliver even greater yield potential and agronomic stability.    

What’s new/exciting in the 2024 Dairyland Seed soybean lineup?

Words to describe the 2024 Dairyland Seed soybean lineup are opportunity, diversity and performance! Our new 2024 DSR product and LumiGEN offerings are primed and ready to hit the fields. With eight new E3 products and a new soybean treatment, this combination will improve agronomic stability and yield potential for the upcoming growing season. By providing greater genetic diversity and treatment protection, growers can be confident with the soybean product selections they source from Dairyland Seed. 

What do you like most about being an agronomist?

Being outdoors and connected to the rain, sunshine and actively growing crops while in the presence of people who share the common goal to humbly and successfully feed, clothe and care for an ever-growing world.    

What one piece of advice do you have for farmers this harvest season?

The 2023 growing season provided its own unique challenges, but doesn’t every season? A very dear friend always reminds me that the sun shines and the rain falls on everyone equally, so it is our job to manage our expectations accordingly. Control what you can control to the best of your ability and express gratitude for the outcomes of our endeavors.    

With harvest in full swing, don’t forget to reach out to the Dairyland Seed Agronomy Team with any questions you may have. We are here and ready to help you have a safe and productive harvest.

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