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Know Better, Do Better


Corteva’s incredible soybean research and development engine continues to deliver a productive portfolio at an increasing pace allowing us to introduce even more proprietary higher yielding, agronomically superior lines with the utmost confidence.

Varietal improvement is a learning journey of more than just all out top- end yield. Most times it boils down to product placement precision and dialing in where those lines can have the biggest impact in those environments. Partnering alongside our growers, we strive to seek out environments and management practices that steer our customers’ decision-making and ROI expectations for their area to satisfy the need for this information. And, when we can produce an arsenal of data at this level for our portfolio, this task is welcomed and appreciated. If you have interest in joining us on the journey, please reach out to your District Sales Manager or Regional Agronomist for more detailed information.

The table on the right contains the fruits of our learning from 2022. Six of our featured growth products are listed with especially solid data sets. When you look at the data and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each line……I feel we hit it out of the park! With an average of 245 replications per line in our 2022 data sets, we are in decent shape in getting the number of needed looks to get a real world feel for performance while sporting an overall winning percentage of approximately 45% in head to head data. In fact, DSR-1919E™ brand, which is the only line to show a slightly negative outcome overall in last year’s data, still demonstrated a consistent advantage of 0.90 bushels in several geographic areas in Michigan and Minnesota.

The Dairyland Seed soybean portfolio is as strong from top to bottom as I have witnessed in my dozen years serving in this role! Add to this current performance, the incoming experimental class size and depth in 2023 and beyond with stepped-up focus on earlier RM’s (0.00-1.5), we will undoubtedly recruit additional proprietary products and increase our ability to solidify and expand business. Knowing better is tantamount to doing better. Let’s help each other know better so we can do even better!


Yield Difference

+/- 2 Days

Win % Reps
DSR-1505E™ 0.18 41.8 218
DSR-1919E™ -0.67 30.0 387
DSR-2188E™ 0.60 43.1 314
DSR-2562E™ 0.56 43.0 207
DSR-2717E™ 1.11 43.6 186
DSR-3499E™ 3.70 66.5 160
Average 0.91 44.7 245

2022 Dairyland SeedWare Head-to-Head data +/- 2 days RM across all companies in our database.

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