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Introducing New Corn Hybrids for 2024

BY Ryan Mueller, Product Portfolio/Agronomy Leader

After wrapping up my 27th advancement meeting, I was asked, “How do you continue to stay excited about the process?”. The answer is easy -- it is all about the products.

In my opinion, if you can’t get fired up to introduce each new class, then you might be in the wrong line of work. Every year we start with the overarching goal of deciding how we can make our line up better. After that, the fun begins. For me scouring through data is my happy place. Over time our process has changed. I can’t count the number of databases that have come and gone, and I’m now on my third germplasm base, but data is still data. Working through how each product fits into our portfolio comes down to trusting that you have sliced the data every which way and have the confidence that it can come into our geography and improve our lineup.

Each year creates its own set of challenges. I guess that is what happens when you combine Mother Nature and corn genetics. However, this gives us a great opportunity to tweak our selection criteria and ensure that our lineup will always continue to evolve. I am confident that the class of 2024 will continue to raise the bar performance for Dairyland Seed.

Ryan Mueller introduces the 2024 corn lineup to an audience of 300+ at the recent key producer summit In Milwaukee, WI


DS-2476AM™ brand

  • Exciting new workhorse for early line up
  • Tough hybrid with good drought tolerance
  • Nice test weight for maturity
  • Strong roots and brittle, fits our Western geography
  • Foliar health is a strength, including NLB and Goss’s Wilt
  • Height and tonnage makes for good dual purpose option


DS-2612AM™/DS-2612Q™ brand

  • Exciting new product that gives us some yield punch in early zone 2
  • Pushes north well
  • Good drought tolerance
  • Nice foliar health package for both NLB and Goss’s Wilt
  • Strong performance east to west
  • AM will be limited in year one

DS-3159AM™ brand

  • Could not ignore the data on this new 91 day AM hybrid
  • Elite drought tolerance and toughness
  • Strong roots and brittle, can handle our western environments
  • Good foliar health package including both NLB and Goss’s Wilt
  • Makes a great one/two punch with our 3203 family, but flowers earlier

DS-3203Q™ brand

  • Launched AM version last year
  • Good performance across our footprint, but tore it up in WI & MI
  • Great drought tolerance and toughness
  • Strong stalks and brittle
  • Gets off to a great start, strong emergence
  • Nice foliar health package including NLB and Goss’s Wilt
  • Adds another dual purpose Qrome® to maturity

DS-3599Q™ brand

  • High yielding, early flowering true 95 day Qrome
  • Can perform pushing north
  • Good emergence and drought tolerance, can handle tough environments
  • Strong agronomics including stalks and roots
  • Highest rating for Goss’s Wilt but could use a fungicide versus NLB and GLS

DS-3881AM™ brand

  • Easy add, game changing yield potential
  • Good emergence and get off
  • Strong drought tolerance, can handle tough environments
  • Great trifecta of stalks, roots and brittle
  • Good foliar health package including NLB and GLS, average for Goss’s Wilt
  • OK in Michigan but best performance is Wisconsin pushing west

DS-4003Q™ brand

  • Tough rugged workhorse at 100 day
  • Awesome drought tolerance, provides nice defensive attributes
  • Great trifecta of stalks, roots, and brittle
  • Nice emergence, gets off to a great start
  • Highest rating for test weight
  • Recommend a fungicide for NLB and GLS

DS-4365AM™/DS-4365V™ brand

  • High yielding set of genetics, true 103 day family
  • First Dairyland Seed Vorceed Enlist® launch
  • Really takes off at top end of yield spectrum
  • Great trifecta of stalks, roots and brittle
  • Performs east to west with flex style ears
  • Highest rating for test weight
  • Rockets out of the ground
  • Recommend fungicide for NLB and GLS

DS-4686AM™ brand

  • New racehorse style hybrid, use to chase top end yield
  • First 106 day since joining Corteva
  • Great trifecta of stalks, roots, brittle
  • Solid test weight and grain quality
  • Good Goss’s Wilt but recommend fungicide for NLB and GLS

DS-4833AM™ brand

  • New 108 day stud, outstanding yield potential
  • Good drought tolerance but excels at top end of yield spectrum
  • Highest rating for emergence
  • Nice test weight and grain quality
  • Solid for stalks and roots
  • Only “2” for GLS in this maturity

DS-5177AM™ brand

  • Tough rugged hybrid with elite drought tolerance
  • Rockets out of the ground
  • Highest rating for test weight
  • Great trifecta for stalks, roots, brittle
  • Solid foliar health package including NLB, GLS and Goss’s Wilt

DS-5432AM™ brand

  • Late set of genetics that performs well in Indiana
  • Nice grain quality and test weight
  • Early flowering can be used pushing north of maturity
  • Great trifecta of stalks, roots, brittle
  • Attractive plant with excellent staygreen
  • Recommend fungicide for NLB and GLS

DB-4891SE™ brand

  • New 108 day Bovalta BMR
  • True 108 day
  • Brings elite fiber digestibility to the line up
  • Fills important maturity gap
  • Recommend a fungicide

DB-5005Q™ brand

  • New 110 day Bovalta BMR
  • Highest tonning BMR in line up
  • Fits Dairyland Seed geography better than DB-5211AMXT
  • Very good foliar health


If any of these products have caught your attention, please check with your Dairyland Seed rep on whether any supply is available yet for 2023 planting.

Good luck this spring, be safe and thank you for all that you do.
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