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2023 Dairyland Seed Silage Yieldmasters

BY Dairyland Seed Marketing Team
2023 Silage Yieldmaster Winners

National Silage Yieldmasters:  Bill and Eric Mueller


Location Winner Hybrid Yield
Indiana - 1st Travis Yates HiDF-3211RA™ 30.11 T/A
Michigan - 1st Bob Krafft HIDF-5000Q™ 33.16 T/A
Michigan - 2nd Keven Luchies HIDF-5000Q™ 32.41 T/A
Minnesota - 1st Roberts Dairy HiDF-3802Q™ 44.06 T/A
Minnesota - 2nd Fraki Dairy DS-4510Q™ 35.07 T/A
No. Dakota - 1st David Wald HiDF-3808RA™ 37.50 T/A
No. Dakota - 2nd Keith Suchy HiDF-5202Q™ 37.33 T/A
South Dakota - 1st Bill and Eric Mueller HiDF-5202Q™ 45.48 T/A
South Dakota - 2nd Dana Dargatz HiDF-3802Q™ 30.25 T/A
Wisconsin - 1st Branders Dairy Farm LLC HiDF-5202Q™ 39.93 T/A
Wisconsin - 2nd Schank Riverview Dairy HiDF-3802A™ 36.90 T/A
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